Sunday, January 18, 2009

Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz

I wonder when he dropped the R.

Koontz's new book came from the library cause his last few books have disappointed. Too disappointed to spend money on a hardback.

This new novel is about a wealthy internet bachelor, Ryan Perry. He made his fortune with a social networking site, Facebook....or Be2Do. Probably the same thing.

Along with his beautiful, golden girlfriend, Perry enjoys a life of sun, surf and whatever the hell he wants. He experiences a seizure of sorts while surfing. After a few more, he sees a doctor who tells him his heart is damaged and he will die within the year.

After a successful heart transplant, things turn topsy turvy as someone informs him in eerie ways, that they want his heart back.

There's obviously much more to the story but it's a good read and very intriguing. I actually read this within a day. Koontz's endings always fall a little flat for me lately, and this was just meh. The ride to the climax, however, was pretty good.
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