Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein

Fresh off of seeing Sleater-Kinney perform at the Murat Theatre (yes, I'm still calling it that) in Indianapolis on December 4, 2015, I went home and purchased Carrie's book to take on vacation with me. Carrie is a bona fide rock star.

She leads us through her upbringing, finding music, starting bands and beginning Sleater-Kinney with Corin Tucker (Janet Weiss comes in a smidge later). Once the band is fully formed and on it's way, we get front row seats through Call The Doctor up to No Cities To Love.

What is particularly interesting (aka sad) is how hard SK had to work to be known as a BAND. Just a band, without adding in the fact that they were all female. As Carrie points out, does anyone call a band with only guys an All Male Band? No, they don't. Even somewhat well meaning interviewers still focused on their gender, describing their outfits rather than their music.

Carrie is a bit crazy and a lot dorky and she acknowledges and embraces both. It's actually kind of nice to see someone who I think is a cool, talented rock star start off as a complete dork. Gives me (and other dorks) hope.

The writing got to me a bit. It was well written but Carrie has a tendency to described things in threes. It happens a lot and I couldn't help notice every time she did it. Otherwise, this is a must read for any Sleater-Kinney fan. And if they come to a town near you, go see them! You won't regret it.

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