Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Storm of Swords by George R R Martin

According to Goodreads, it took me 2 years to read this. Why, you ask? It's not because it was boring or a terrible book. It's because someone told me all about the Red Wedding. Details, in fact. I was spoiled and I couldn't bring myself to keep reading.

Here's a hint: someone says "Hey, I'm reading such-and-such book!" Your response should never be "Did you get to the part where there's a wedding and so-and-so and so-and-so are murdered? And the direwolf.... " etc. etc. Instead, say "Where are you at in it?"

Common sense, people!

I hated knowing the red wedding was coming so I plodded. But then, GoT on HBO showed the purple wedding and before I could log off Facebook someone posted all about it. Fork, just stick me.

I was told by friends who had read it to keep reading, that the story is well worth it even though I was rudely spoiled on 2 of the biggest events. So I took it on my vacation and finished it.

Now, I kindly tell you, dear reader, spoilers are ahead.....

What a fantastic  book! Despite knowing the horrific red wedding and the exceedingly pleasing purple wedding, once I got back, I was sucked in entirely. So absorbed, I got sunburnt on vacation because I got lost in the book. I'll only hand out a few spoilers here because if you haven't read this, you should.

First off.... Jon Snow and Ygritte. Holy moses, I felt horrible for both of them through the course of this book. He was clearly getting smitten with wild woman Ygritte, and she with him ("You know nothing, Jon Snow!") and, while he did have to get back to the Wall, I was sad that she continued to attack and was killed. They could have lived in that cave forever and happy.

Dany and her story line didn't really do much for me and didn't draw me in very well. I am shocked that Jorah was banished and curious when we will see him again.

The red wedding. It has to be said. I was still horrified reading it, even though I knew what was going to happen. Catelyn and Robb dying such horrible deaths at the hands of Frey for.... revenge? That was a bloody massacre and it seemed commonplace when it was discussed among other families ("Yup, the Starks are out of the way"). I'm getting really upset with what is happening to the Starks. Sansa getting out of the Lannister land is good but to end up with Littlefinger and batshit aunt who tries to kill her? Oy. Arya. I have such mixed feelings about Arya. I love her but bad luck just follows the girl. I have honestly never cared for Bran's portion of the books, so I don't really have comments on him.

Now the purple wedding. Holy snikey.... little bastard King Joffrey is finally dead!!! And his mom/uncledad have sex right next to his dead body. What??! Keep it classy, Lannisters. We know Joffrey was poisoned and, if Littlefinger isn't lying, who killed him was a surprise (yay, something I wasn't spoiled on!).  Uncle Tyrion is accused of the murder (but really, I think almost anyone in the book could be a suspect) and stands trial. Everything falls in his sister's favor and he's sentenced and thrown in a cell. Dun dun duuuun! Only to have his now one-handed brother Jaime break him free! Dun dun dunnnnn! But first! Before he goes...... let's kill daddy Lannister! Didn't see that coming!

Not a lot of people survived this book but damn, what a ride.
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