Friday, January 30, 2009

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Spoilers be here.....You've been warned.

I didn't forget what it was like to be 18 and I honestly don't remember anyone that age acting like Bella does. Maybe I'm only remembering the good stuff.

Bella and Edward, back again. Bella turns 18 and is just simply devastated that she is now "older" than Edward, even though technically he's 110 years old (right?). She still wants to become a vampire, human life and family be damned.

Things get ugly at a Cullens sponsored birthday party when Bella cuts herself and the blood sets off a fury of vampiric lust. Fast forward to Edward and the Cullens' leaving town to protect Bella. Fast forward to months and months and months of mourning and lifelessness from Bella.

That out of the way, the most interesting part of the book was Jacob Black. Bella ends up spending more time with him during Edwards absence and they turn out to be a good pair. Until Jacob starts acting all funny. I didn't even need binoculars to see what happened. Jacob's a werewolf!

I think I watched too much Buffy to be surprised by this series.

Scuffles ensue, old vamps are back to kill Bella, Bella's an idiot and gets reckless, Edward needs to be saved from dying and Jacob and Edward can't be around each other, putting Bella in a pretty crappy position. Ah, centuries old blood feuds. Really puts a damper on friendships.

I finished this one in a few days. Mostly because I've had surgery and have tons of time on my hands but once I got past Bella's teenage meladrama, the plot got pretty interesting.

The next one has been requested from the library. Although someone already spoiled me on the whole series (thanks bunches) I'll go ahead and finish it.

I'm still at a loss for the rabid fangirl thing.....
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