Friday, May 23, 2008

Odd Hours - Dean Koontz

I always look forward to the Odd Thomas books, the first one just blew me away. The ones thereafter, not so much.

Odd Hours is a pretty decent book, although not as emotional as the first one. I don't want to give away any major plot lines so I'll be all nice and vague. Odd Thomas was drawn to Magic Beach after living in the monastery (Brother Odd). Elvis is gone, Frank Sinatra is with him. And Boo, the ghost dog, is still by his side. Odd has taken a job as a cook for an old actor living on the beach. Odd has dreams, he meets a woman, he's chased by maniac killers. He needs to save the world!

Memories of Stormy are pretty prevalent through the book and several times my eyes teared up. This was a pretty good book, not as good as the first book, although I thought it was a little bit slow in the beginning. Once it picked up, the book was pretty hard to put down. The ending was....unresolved. So now I have the next Odd Thomas book to look forward to!
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