Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No Way To Treat A First Lady by Christopher Buckley

I knew this would be a good one since I had previously read Boomsday and enjoyed it. I wasn't disappointed.

The President of the United States is having an affair and is boinking his mistress, an actress and "activist", in the Lincoln bedroom. He seems to be.... having trouble but finally finishes the deed. He heads back to his wife, First Lady Beth MacMann, in their bedroom. Beth knows about the affair and just turns over to go back to sleep. In the morning, the President is dead and Beth is arrested for assassination.

Beth calls up her old boyfriend who she abruptly dumped in college to defend her in court. Boyce Baylor, aka Shameless Baylor, takes the case for $1,000 an hour. Did I mention Beth dumped him to marry her now-dead husband??

Buckley makes the media circus that surrounds the Trial of the Millennium hilarious and frighteningly accurate. He's clever with his words and twists and turns. Well worth reading!

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