Thursday, January 29, 2015

4:50 From Paddington by Agatha Christie

I do believe this is my first Agatha Christie book!

Based on the Goodreads reviews, I picked one that wasn't a typical Miss Marple book. Ah, well, it was really good so the next one I pick will be awesome.

Elspeth McGillicuddy, a friend of Miss Marple's, witnesses a murder on a train that was running opposite hers. No one believes her, but according to Miss Marple, Miss McGillicuddy is "not given to hallucinations".

Miss Marple calls in friends to help investigate the murder, which really starts with finding a body to prove there was a murder, and, probably as no surprise, she solves it.

This was a fun read and actually twisty enough that when I thought I had the culprit figured out, I was proven wrong! I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading more Miss Marple books.

I'm guessing, as my friend says, that I'm just a Matlock show away from being an old woman at 39 (I already knit and now read Miss Marple....)

I'm ok with that!

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