Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ashfall by Mike Mullin

Ashfall (and the trilogy) was recommended by a friend on Facebook. YA books are becoming mainstays in my reading pile because they are much improved from back in my day (yes, I'm old). Mullin is also an Indianapolis author and I like to support the natives :)

I had a seen a documentary a bit ago about supervolcanos and Yellowstone was listed as one of the greats. It detailed the catastrophic nature of what would happen if it erupted again. It's erupted about 3 times previously, millions of years ago, and people are saying it's "due".

I visited Yellowstone on a family vacation and was pretty young. I never really fathomed that there was a volcano under there. It was just stinky and pretty.

Ashfall gives us Alex Halprin, in Cedar Falls, IA, home alone while his family visits other family in Illinois. Something crashes into his house, collapsing it and starting a fire. He escapes and stays with his neighbors and thus begins the fallout of Yellowstone erupting. Thunderous noise and ash falling so fast and furious that no light can be seen keeps them all in terror for the first of this disaster. Almost immediately, looters are prevalent (which is disheartening) and Alex begins a journey to Illinois to find his family.

He encounters many shady characters, some good people and some scary government people. His trip is difficult and I appreciated his ingenuity in his journey.

I'd rather not give away any more plot points so I will say this reminded me of a teen version of The Road with more emphasis on teen love and less lyrical in it's storytelling. I'm disappointed that cannibals appear so quickly as they did in The Road. Is that really what we will immediately resort to? Ugh.

I'm definitely reading the next books in the series. This is a good one.
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