Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I was curious about this Percy Jackson character so I checked this out from the library, knowing full well it's a YA book (and I got burned with Twilight).

Some spoilers lie here.....

My reaction to PJ is quite the opposite to Twilight, I'm happy to announce. This is clearly written aimed at a younger audience but I enjoyed the story of Percy finding out he's a demi-god with Poseidon as his dad. Percy never knew his dad and never knew why he always had trouble not getting kicked out of schools. Once he ends up at the summer camp for demi-gods, he finds his place and some new friends (Annabeth and Grover - love Grover!) along with some enemies. Every god has an enemy or more, right?

Because it looks like camp has been breached, when a hellhound comes after Percy, it's decided Percy must go on a quest with AnnaBeth and Grover. His mission is to find the lightning bolt that was stolen from Zeus, who believe Poseidon is behind the theft, allowing Percy to steal it. It's also thought that Hades took it to start a war on Olympus.

On their quest, the trio face monsters, monsters and more monsters. Then descend into the Underworld to meet Hades himself.

No more spoilers but their quest isn't over and Percy proves himself a worthy little god.
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