Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

This video, mentioned by and involving both Neil Gaiman and Wil Wheaton, made me request this from the library within seconds of seeing it. It's funnier than the BIBLE!

So I got this a few weeks ago and have to's funnier than the BIBLE.  It's subtitled as a Mostly True Memoir (no James Frey coverup here) and it's Jenny Lawson talking about her *cough*unusual*cough* childhood, struggling with mental illness and making her poor husband suffer (just kidding, although he does seem long-suffering).

I have to admit I thought my childhood was a little different but hers really takes the cake. I never got my arm stuck in cow's vagina and never had my dad make a puppet from a dead squirrel. And that's only 2 of the events that shaped her life.

This is not all knock out drag out funny. She is serious/funny in certain sections that require it. Yes, she pulls off serious/funny.

The video was not false advertising. I'm pretty happy I picked this one up
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