Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen

I've put myself on a book diet so everything here on out should be from my stacks or borrowed from the library or other people.

This one is a library book. I have to say it makes me happy that my library lends ebooks. Just makes things so easy.

I like Gerritsen but I find I tend to skip over her books. This one was interesting and different than what I expected. In modern day, Julia is digging a garden in her new, rundown, backyard when she ends up striking a skull with her trowel. Cue dozens of medical examiners digging up her entire yard. We discover that the bones are old, approximately 1800s old. Julia meets up with a neighbor who is curious about the bones. They chat and part ways. An old man calls Julia, a cousin of the previous owner, and offers up documents that his cousin kept that might reveal who the bones belong to and Julia takes him up on his offer.

The real mystery is set in the 1800s and involves Oliver Wendell Holmes and the West End Reaper. It's interesting that the exciting part of the book, the mystery to solve, is set so far in the past.

There's a pretty good journey to discover owner of the bones (and we do) but that proved fairly insignificant compared to the other things we discover.
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