Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell

This one confused me. I had to check it out from the library twice with a gap in between but as I started it I was pretty excited that this seemed like it was going to be a great Scarpetta book. I used to really love this series but it just seemed to veer off track somewhere and I no longer buy the books.

I think this turned in to an okay Scarpetta book. Good but I'll honestly probably forget the plot within a month. This one is basically a continuation of the last book, where all sorts of murders were happening and Jack Fielding, someone Kay was mentoring for years, turned into a very strange, dead man. That book confused me too.

Anyways, this started out with a lot of potential but almost 200 pages in I was still waiting for something to happen. It finally did, with a somewhat main character being killed off, and a 9 year old murder case being brought back into the fold. But....I'm not sure, this just felt a little slapped together at the end. It's possible I'm thinking back to the earlier stuff like The Body Farm and my expectations are too high, but I wasn't happy nor was I unhappy. It just was.

I've never really paid attention, I guess, but it seems like Kay talks A LOT. Constantly. And it seemed odd as well.
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