Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton

The newest Anita Blake, vampire hunter, book. I've long since given up buying these when Hamilton seemed to taking this down a different path *cough*softcheesyporn*cough* but I checked this out from the library because I'm a damn optimistic.

I was really happy with this one...until I got really confused. We start out with Anita and Edward, fulfilling their U.S. Marshal duties by tracking a serial killer of weres. I think Anita and Edward work really well together and we know (I hope) that she won't suddenly start having sex with him so we're practically guaranteed a good action-y story. And that's what we got for a while. Fast paced and entertaining.

Then comes Anita's "sweeties". WHY?? It was going so well. Then we have almost 2 pages just describing the HAIR of her sweeties. Seriously? Olaf and Bernardo are back. Bernardo I like, Olaf needs to be gone. For a psychopathic serial killer turned Marshal, he's just boring.

The sex was much less this go around (yay) but the lingering descriptions of all these idiots surrounding Anita were plentiful (boo). The end was so abrupt and odd that I was concerned that I had really missed something. A big buildup leading to a little pfffft. (Almost like Breaking Dawn).

I think I'm disappointed with this one.
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