Monday, June 8, 2009

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Love Love Love Love.


I'm only NOW finding Neil Gaiman and cursing myself for taking so long to do so! I listened to Neverwhere on audiobook read by Mr. Gaiman himself. He does a fantastic job with the characters but the story is just so tremendous and engrossing. Gaiman has created a place called London Below and it's quite different from London Above (well, duh). London Below consists of people who fall through the cracks and Richard Mayhew accidentally becomes one of those people. All because he is a kind person and went out of his way to help Door, a young girl from LB who was hurt.

Door has a special gift, she can open any door, locked, stuck or not even there. She is avenging the deaths of her family and Richard, having no where else to go down in LB, goes along with her. The enlist the help of the Marquis de Carabas, a trickster who calls in favors to help him out. Door also employs a bodyguard, Hunter, since the assassins Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar are trying to kill her.

Their journey leads them all through the LB and they meet up with an angel (Islington), battle in an ordeal at the Black Friars, encounter the Beast of London and meet Sewer People.

Neverwhere really is non-stop adventure with some of the strangest but most endearing characters you could ever want to meet.
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