Sunday, June 7, 2009

Top Ten (Book 1) by Alan Moore

Alan Moore is kind of a scary looking guy. And I'm just thinking of the Simpson's episode that he was in. Scary as he may look, he's pretty damn talented. Watchmen was my first foray into the world of Moore and then I was lent both books of Top Ten.

Top Ten (book 1) was illustrated by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon. It introduces us to the cops of the Tenth Precinct in the city of Neopolis. Everyone in Neopolis, it seems, has a superpower. Even the children and, I think, pets. You would think this would put the cops at a disadvantage. Hmm.

Robyn Slinger is just starting out on the force. Her power is the ability to control toys which is why her nickname is Toy Box. (That's just a bad nickname for a chick). She's teamed with Smax, who is big and blue and indestructible with a mean disposition. They are off to help track down the killer of someone named Saddles who was dealing drugs. The Libra serial killer is also at large, severer of the heads of prostitutes.

Enter also a deranged, pyschokentic Santa Claus, ultra powerful mice and some chick with and you have a pretty entertaining story.
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