Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I pulled this short story from - only 2 mp3s! Naturally, I was curious about the movie but I really am not a fan of Brad Pitt so I figured I'd read the story first to see if I'd like it.

Although this is a very short story, it packed a good punch. Benjamin Button is born as an old man, too big to fit in the hospital crib and already talking in the crotchety old man voice. Everyone is upset and ashamed of him, not seeing him as a curious oddity but as an embarrassment. His father encourages Benjamin to act his real age and not the age he was born at.

As Benjamin reaches his 50s he's getting noticeably younger. Still scorned and ridiculed for his reverse aging he meets and falls in love with a young lady.

The story follows Button's life as he serves in the army, has a child and grows younger every year. Everyone seems to believe this is something he can control and get very angry at him for not acting his age.

Sadly you can anticipate the ending as Button goes into his childhood.

Great story that actually made me sad and made me think about elderly folks with dementia and Alzheimers that revert back to their childhood as well.
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