Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Part 3 of the Twilight saga down and 1 to go. I was much less disappointed with this one but Bella still sets my teeth on edge.

Spoilers be ahead!

Eclipse begins exactly like New Moon ended, for the most part. I was beginning to wonder if I had grabbed the wrong book. Seattle is being ripped apart by "serial killers" but the Cullens determine that it is really at the mercy of newborn vampires. Graduation is approaching and Bella is still determined to become a vampire as soon as possible. Jacob Black is back in the picture. Big bads want to kill Bella and truces and alliances are formed between the werewolves and vampires. Marriage is pending and hearts are broken.

My pet peeves with this one are: the almost abusive relationships between Bella and her boys. I think I'd personally be pissed about being treated like that but Bella seemed fine with it. Scary thought. I am glad Meyer backed off of that vibe because this IS a teen series and the diaglogue and the actions of Edward was not needed.

We're led up to a horrific fight between the newborns vs. the vamps and wolves but.... we didn't get to see it? Because we were sidetracked by another visit from Victoria who, for some reason, was pretty easily taken down. BOO!

Bella has now recognized her love for Jacob but still has intentions on marrying Edward and becoming a vampire. What will she do?? (since "someone" already told me the ending, I know, but I'm pretending not too. Book spoilery people SUCK).

The story was good, but ramping up to climaxes and then turning away were not the best way to handle this.
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