Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finders Keepers by Stephen King

Have I mentioned how much I love Stephen King? Oodles.

Finders Keepers in 2nd in the Bill Hodges trilogy. You might have met Hodges in Mr. Mercedes. If you haven't met him, go back and introduce yourself. Mr. Mercedes gives us evil in the form of Brady and his stolen Mercedes.

In Finders Keepers, Hodges is back with Holly and working for himself. We get several soon-to-be-interacting subplots: Morris, a young asshole who burglarizes a famous author and ends up committing several murders. Pete Saubers, a kid who discovers treasure in his backyard and innocently uses it to help his parents through a financial crisis. Hodges, who is just going about his workaday business until Pete's little sister Tina comes to him with her fears.

We get to know everyone involved as we go through the years with them. Then, we're on a runaway train as they all collide (ouch -  this really was a fast paced ending that required me to shout at the book).

The last book in the trilogy, End of Watch, will be out in June and I'm really looking forward to it. Because here is where King shines. The first 2 books are your basic people-are-evil books. We don't have any supernatural or monsters yet because, honestly, people are very good at being monsters without any help. BUT..... the ending of Finders Keepers is a teaser. I have a feeling we're about to get all Firestarter up in here (of which I approve as I loved Firestarter). King excels at the monsters and he excels at the monstrous people.

Did I mention how much I love King??


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