Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington

I became interested in Grace probably the same way most people did - by watching The September Issue documentary from 2009. I mostly watched it because 1) it was Vogue and 2) Anna. Grace was a pleasant surprise.


I listened to the audiobook from and Grace herself read it. She has a lovely British voice and it ended up seeming like I was just listening to someone tell stories. Fashionable stories, true. Name dropping stories, double true. But stories from her long life about the people and jobs that she has loved.

Grace started off in London as a model and, after a car accident, went on to work at British Vogue and eventually became the fashion editor. There was some disappointment, for me, because as much as I like reading and flipping through fashion magazines (although you'd never tell by looking at me), I have no idea what the jobs are there. And I still don't. Grace is light on the details of the mundane and heavy on the designers and FASHION. Also, her cats.

She's brash, she speaks her mind and always has an opinion. This was an entertaining listen, even if it's a half-listen while you are doing other things.

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