Monday, September 22, 2014

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

FINALLY finished it.

This was not up my alley at all. I've surprised myself when I read Jane Austen - surprised as in I really enjoyed her works. The book club I'm in was reading Little Women and I thought it would be along the same lines. Nope. I did not enjoy this at all.

I started reading it, the actual physical book, but switched to Craftlit to get the audio and Heather's commentary. I feel like I did this because I wasn't interested in the story as I read it. I listened to the audio for a while and it wasn't bad, but I was still bored of the story.

The characters were not interesting to me. It was too sweet and too "Marry a rich man!" & "We're poor but we have a servant!" for me.

Jo wasn't a terrible character but I was annoyed by her as well (25 and a spinster!).

I tried. I really did.

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