Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

I think I read this at the wrong time.

I had just finished A Discovery of Witches when I got this from the library. I have enjoyed all of Brown's work so I didn't stop to think that the exhaustive detail from ADOW would have worn me out so that I didn't enjoy Brown's exhaustive detail nearly as much. Overload.

Langdon wakes in a hospital with a head wound and amnesia AND someone trying to kill him. Oh and he's in Florence Italy, when the last he remembered he was in Boston. A pretty young doctor, Sienna Brooks, helps him through this very Dante infused mystery. As I said, I was not into the amount of detail, although I'm sure it was all interesting, but I persisted because I knew that Brown would turn this world on it's head.

And he did.

I refuse to give anything away but I was pretty satisfied with the weird twist and the ambiguous ending.

I need a much simpler book to rest my brain now.

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