Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz

Sixth in my beloved but somewhat annoying series by Koontz.

I adored the first one, didn't care for the second, loved the 3rd, etc. from there on out. There were several pieces to the sixth book that I really enjoyed, a change from the formula.

Odd Thomas is a special fry cook, currently unemployed. He's stowing away in a house on the water with Annamaria, the ever-pregnant mysterious woman from the last book, and with Tim who is also from the last book but is such a bit player here, I forgot who he was.

Odd goes in to town for staples, jeans and socks, but because this is a Koontz book, he never gets his jeans...kind of.

Odd has a talent for seeing lingering spirits of the dead and being drawn towards things. In this case, he is drawn towards an 18-wheeler and, for his efforts, nearly gets shot in the crotch. Um.... it's really going to be a bumpy ride.

Alfred Hitchcock is his spirit companion and Boo the spirit dog is still around as well. Children are going missing and Odd is the only one who can save them, with the help of spry Mrs. Fischer.

The book speaks in riddles, so will my review. This is a good one, not great, and with such an ending that I have to believe the next Odd book is nigh.

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