Saturday, May 2, 2009

Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed by Paul Trynka

I borrowed this audio book from the library and didn't realize that it was 12 cds. It took forever to listen to and I'm afraid I may have forgotten what was on the first 6 cds. Ah well.

I'm a Stooges fan, newly minted. My friend introduced me to the Stooges music a few years ago and I was hooked. Naturally I knew who Iggy Pop was (the old guy who never wore a shirt) but I mainly new him from movies, oddly enough. Open Up and Bleed is a comprehensive story of Iggy/Jim's life - from growing up in Michigan to fronting one of the most prominent punk/rock bands still respected today.

Jim Osterberg aka Iggy Pop was something of an overachieving intellect in school, always trying to fit in and make people like him. But he also had a way of dumping folks when he thought they were no longer useful; a habit that persisted throughout his life. This book depicts Jim as an intelligent, considerate, charming person who just happens to have an alter ego.

Iggy Pop has been known to smear himself with peanut butter and slice himself up with broken glass on stage. Called the Godfather of Punk, Iggy invented crowd surfing - often falling face first into the ground when the crowd just didn't get it. Booed, humiliated, drug addicted Iggy had a rough go at making it big in music.

The Stooges were always dedicated to the music. Always doing anything for the music. Which makes them respected by most musicians.

Fans of Iggy or the Stooges will enjoy this book. But give yourself lots of time to read it. It's pretty long.
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