Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

The 4th, and thankfully, final in the Twilight series.

Am I harsh? Yes. I understand that I am not the target audience for this series, I really do. But even teens and pre-teens deserve a well written book and they just didn't get it with this one. My review of her last book was harsh because she drives home this climatic plot and then fails to deliver.

She did it again. But this time we had to read almost 700 pages to get to it. Spoilers ahead. Be warned and beware.

Bella, still an incredibly whiny person, and Edward marry. They honeymoon. They have bed breaking sex. Bella gets preggers and it develops rapidly. It takes Bella too many pages to figure this out. They go home. Bella whines that she. must. have. this. child! It's a mini-Edward, she thinks. Bella almost dies having the kid. Bella becomes a vampire. An incredibly annoying vampire. Big fight planned, literally for lots of chapters. Fight? No. Everyone walks away. Happy ending. Yay teen marriages and pregnancies.

700+ pages condensed.

My beef again with Ms. Meyer is that she builds and builds a plot line, one that could actually work as plot, and then lets it fall. She has a good idea going, she has a great concept for a great story but she just doesn't do anything with it. And how in the world did she make Bella more annoying as a vampire? We know your vampires are fast. That's drilled into the reader's skull every chapter of every book. So did we need to hear how every move or thought Bella had "takes less than a second." "that took a sixty-fourth of a second." "an eighty-seventh of a second" I get your target audience is young, but they're not dumb.

You massive battle between good and evil was an enormous letdown. Even JK Rowling knocked off a beloved character or two. It's what gets the reader into the story and feeling along with the characters. Having everyone essentially turn to the reader and shout "PSYCH" is such a copout.

Ah well. It's done. I'll never see the movies, not even out of morbid curiousity. Not even while drunk. I'll just mourn the loss of a plot that could have been a contender .... in the right hands.
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