Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bonk by Mary Roach

I like Mary Roach. Her book, Stiff, encouraged me to never ever donate my body to science because I don't want to end up a crash test dummy.

I picked up her new book, Bonk, from the library. It's all about science and sex. This book is fat with tidbits on sex. She had chapters describing penile implant surgery, orgasms, ED, etc. Her and her husband volunteered for a test that took ultrasound pictures of them having sex, to see where the penis hits in the uterus. That's dedication to a book.

Some good tidbits from Bonk:

Kinsey was bisexual.

Kinsey masturbated by shoving things up his weiner. In one case, he used a toothbrush...bristle end first.

Kinsey was one of the first people to notice that the anus puckers during orgasm. He noticed this because he filmed people having sex in his attic.

70% of women cannot have an orgasm with just vaginal stimulation. (Foreplay is vital!)

They found a woman who can have up to 5 orgasms in a row...without touching herself in any way. She just used her mind.

Scientists created a penis camera. Women had sex with it so the scientists can view what happens inside the vagina during sex. (Apparently vaginas expand. Ergo, a lot of women think that the man ... ahem.... isn't in there anymore)

A woman's heartrate increased to 146 beats per minute during her 3rd (of 4) orgasm. However, it's extremely rare to have a sex-induced heart attack UNLESS you are with a prostitute. True facts.

A boar's penis is corkscrewed, like it's tail.

Homosexuals have the best sex... so says a study. Simply because of Gender Empathy.

Great book! I should go on Jeopardy now.

It's good to learn new things.
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