Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Drink with Shane Macgowan by Shane Macgowan

I'm a fan of The Pogues and have seen the Shane Macgowan documentary (his laughter is enough to drive you mad). My friend lent me this book to "round out my education".

Shane has probably done every drug known to man and more. This book is laid out as a straight, stream of consciousness interview with his wife. And streaming it is. It was a fun read but somewhat difficult to grasp, as I think only Shane understands what he is thinking.....maybe.

He contradicts himself almost constantly, his stories are pretty entertaining and funny and probably somewhat false and one-sided but eh, we should be happy the guy is still alive.

Definitely for the Pogues fan....

Great quote:

"I believe you can't be fucked. But I believe you can believe you're fucked, and that can be bad because if you think you're fucked then you are fucked. But you're not really fucked."
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