Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Club of Queer Trades - GK Chesterton

Another Librivox recording.

The Librivox volunteer was fabulous! The same volunteer did all chapters and was just one of the best I've listened to.

Here's the official summary:

A collection of six wonderfully quirky detective stories, featuring the ‘mystic’ former judge Basil Grant. Each story reveals a practitioner of an entirely new profession, and member of the Club of Queer Trades. (Summary by David Barnes)

The book starts off with the tremendous adventures of Major Brown that leads us to the first queer trade. Each chapter thereafter is a little story on it's own, detailing another queer trade.

The club of queer trades itself is an exclusive club where the members must have their own trade that is unusual and has not been thought of before. Also, they must make their living at this trade in order to join the club.

I listened to this while driving and doing chores. I loved it!

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