Monday, June 2, 2008

Blood Noir - Laurell K Hamilton

I've read every Anita Blake book but have never purchased one. This wasn't an exception. I've honestly been getting a little tired of the porn aspect of this series, and while Blood Noir is steeped in sex, I enjoyed this book better than most.

Blood Noir essentially centers around Anita and Jason, the werewolf. Jason's estranged dad is dying of cancer and he wants to return home before he passes on. Apparently, Jason's dad thinks Jason is gay and Anita comes along to prove otherwise.

Chaos ensues as Jason is mistaken for Keith Summerland, who is wanted by some nasty people. Sex ensues no matter what. And Marmee Noir, the oldest vampire who is catnapping, pays Anita a pretty intense visit at the wrong time.

Like I said, better than the last few Anita Blake books. But she could stand to tone down the porn aspect just a little.

OH! I forgot. Richard is a pussy. I cannot stand that character and the sooner he's killed off, the better.
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