Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dust by Hugh Howey

I'm done!!!! And I'm so happy how this turned out! There are 3 books in the Silo series and it's taken me a bit of time to get through them all. The audiobook was over 12 hours long and I devoured it.

Jules was sent outside to clean (and die) in a previous book but she lived. She found another silo that had survivors and came back to her own determined to dig her way through to the other silo and help the folks there. Silos? Survivors?

Start here with Wool:

Then go here to Shift:

Caught up? Now to Dust.

Because most people in the silos do not believe there are other silos, they believe Jules is crazy and dangerous. Add in a religious "cult" and soon most people in the silo turn against Jules. Silo 1, the head silo with it's finger on the button, has 2 people: Charlotte and Donald who are awake and hiding and trying to save the poor suckers in the silos before the head of silo 1 terminates them all.

I think I just did a poor job explaining this, but it's worth the read. Howey does a fantastic job in creating this post-apocalyptic world and then pushing to set the characters free. Getting down to the last 20-30 minutes was torment. I was trying to drive home and cheer on my friends!


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