Sunday, September 11, 2016

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

I finally caught up on all of the Cormoran Strike novels (when IS the next one???) and, while this one was rather brutal, it was still wonderfully good. Again with the audio book because the narrator is just phenomenal.

We know Robin - Strike's secretary/partner in the detective agency. She's marrying Matthew (whom no one likes) and is caught up in wedding planning when she's asked to sign for a package outside of the agency. She hurriedly does, assuming it's the disposable cameras she ordered for the reception, and goes into the office.

Well, folks, it turns out that package contained a human severed leg.

With a horrifying scream, we begin our mystery.

Strike has 3 men in mind who could have - and would have - sent the leg. That really tells you the kind of life he leads, right? If I was sent a body part, I'd be hard-pressed to think of 1 person who would do that.

Noel Brockbank - child rapist who Strike clobbered when he arrested him, resulting in brain damage and seizures but, unfortunately, not stopping his pedophilia.

Donald Laing  - another horrible person Strike met in the military who tortured and held captive his own wife while raping other women.

Jeff Whitaker - Strike's step-dad who, more than likely, killed Strike's mother. Another absolutely horrible person. I could smell his odor coming from my iPod.

Strike and Robin set out doing what they do best but this killer is still getting the best of them. More body parts are sent and, suddenly, London realizes it has another Jack the Ripper on their hands.

There is a great amount of detail in this novel, including finally delving into the past of Robin and Strike. My heart broke for them both and I was actually worried for a bit that this killer would get the best of them.

Fantastic series! Please, JK, write more!!

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