Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz

Another lovely review book from LibraryThing Early Reviewers program. As a bonus, I already loved Koontz.

This one confused me and caused me to re-read the last chapter a few times. I think I get it now, although I do think I missed some nuances somewhere in the tome. Either way, this was a really great read with a twist I didn't see coming (although others may have).

Our basic plot revolves around Bibi Blair, an young woman who has published her first novel and has an active imagination, as backstory will share. She is diagnosed with brain cancer and told she has a year to live. The next day, her cancer is 100% gone and she has a clean bill of health. Her parents send in a Scrabblemancer to understand why Bibi was saved from cancer and there is an answer

To save Ashley Bell.

See that rabbit hole? We're about to dive down it.

The Wrong People get wind of this and begin a rather scary and hellish pursuit of Bibi to stop her from saving Ashley.


Things got pretty weird and creepy midway through the book and Bibi's quest. Creepy enough that a random tap on my window sent me scooting out of my chair and checking the locks. Thanks, Mr. Koontz!

Since this is fairly new, I'm not going to review the twist or ending except that I really enjoyed it. I don't recall reading a book that traveled along these planes before and I tore through the remaining half in an evening/into the night. I'm torn on the ending, as I have a feeling some characters are still not what they seemed. The ending also had a sequel vibe to it (am I wrong??).

Well worth picking up and scratching your head over.

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