Sunday, August 9, 2015

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

Junk food reading.

So I am out of order again on this, Heat Wave was the first book in the Nikki Heat series and I apparently should have started there, but let's be honest, with these books it doesn't matter where you jump in.

I've been watching Castle, mainly because Nathan Fillion, so I have a good idea what this whole thing is about. So jump in wherever you please.

Nikki Heat is a young, attractive New York Homicide detective and Jameson Rook is the writer who is shadowing her and her team, using her as a muse for his novels. Heat Wave revolves around a murder of  Matthew Starr, a very rich man in New York, who plummets to his death from his incredibly tastelessly rich apartment.

Heat and Rook are forced to work together and I must say that Rook was incredibly annoying. Thankfully, I've read ahead and I know his character changes a bit so it's ok.

This is a formulaic crime novel and it's good. I read it for fun and filler and usually enjoy myself.

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