Sunday, May 3, 2015

Amy, My Daughter by Mitch Winehouse

I had downloaded this as an audiobook, read by Mitch, from my library. I liked Amy's music, didn't like Amy's lifestyle, but thought it would be good to see how that lifestyle may have come about.

Clearly, this wasn't a book Mitch wanted to write as no parent wants to outlive their children. So I felt for him there. He starts off describing how he got the news of Amy's death and then goes back to the beginning of Amy's life.

Apparently, from the time she was very little, Amy was destined to be famous. Singing anywhere and everywhere so that the most common phrase around the house was "Be quiet, Amy!". Her parents divorced but she stayed close to both, along with her brother Alex.

Once we get up to the point of Frank, her first album, things start rolling, mostly drink and pot. I had no idea of Amy's stage fright. I've watched many a Youtube video of her performing and, the drunken years notwithstanding, she seemed pretty good.  Amy meets Blake and anyone who could read remembers the tabloids about those two. Blake got Amy started on drugs - yes, it was her choice to take them, but also remember that addiction is an illness and some people are more susceptible to addiction. Things went downhill quickly once crack cocaine and heroin were introduced.

Back to Black, Blake in prison, kicking drugs, becoming an alcoholic, attempting to kick alcoholism... Amy had lived a tremendous amount in her 27 years.

The above are just facts. Listening to Mitch Winehouse tell the stories is emotional. It's a rollercoaster ride that people who love someone who is an addict have to ride. For Mitch, it didn't seem that he had any intention of getting off that ride. He was 100% alongside Amy.

Based on this book, which naturally is just Mitch's side, I want to say SHUSH to all those people who wonder why her parents didn't do anything. They did, but if the addict doesn't want to quit, they won't. That is a sad fact and Amy's family learned it the hard way.

I love Amy's voice and crank up the stereo when her songs come on. She could have been so much more ....

Her family set up The Amy Winehouse Foundation. Proceeds from the book go to that to help other kids with addictions.

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