Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King

How did cars become so evil?

At least in Mr. Mercedes, the car is just the medium for evil, it's not the source thereof.

The source is an incredibly disturbed young man who decides it would be great fun to run a stolen Mercedes through a crowded parking lot full of job fair seekers. We learn that he kills 8 of them, including a baby and her mother. Right off the bat, King has made you despise this man.

We meet with Bill Hodges, a retired detective, who despite his impressive list of closed cases, never managed to find Mr. Mercedes. Until one day, contemplating suicide, Hodges gets a letter from....

Which sparks his interest in re-investigating the case. Which leads him to the sister of the owner of the car, who committed suicide months before.....

Which leads him to the cousin of the sister, Janey, who is very neurotic and smothered by her mother...

and downward we go into a spiral of mass terrorism.

I'd rather you read this instead of me telling all. Because this one, this is a classic King novel, and it needs to be enjoyed and it needs to freak you out too.

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