Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

Sometimes, when I'm trying a new type of knitting pattern, I can puzzle over it and try to make sense of it and feel like tearing my hair out (baby booties come to mind) and declare that I just don't need to make that pattern. But then I get hold of myself and decide to just quit over thinking and follow along exactly without worrying about the final product.

Amazingly, I got a nice pair of baby booties out of that.

This book was actually tackled the same way. I had issues with the writing and some of the characters and was struggling at first to get through it. But I decided to just throw myself into the story, forget that it was a bit clichey and the characters seemed off, and just go with it.

Once I did that, I enjoyed the story.

Georgia Walker owns a yarn store called Walker and Daughter. Her daughter, Dakota, is almost a teenager but was written to appear to be 10. I had a rough time with her character, but I digress. Anita is Georgia's mentor and also works in the shop. As per the title, a Friday night knitting club ends up, rather spontaneously, in Georgia's shop with a hodgepodge of ladies who are brought together by the love of yarn. Or something like that.

Most of this book was pretty formulaic. Single mom, struggling business, jealous friends, major trauma, etc. etc. But just go along with the flow, dive in and enjoy (this is a definite beach-type read).

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