Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I was doing so well, listening to Jane Eyre through Just The Books, since I started late, I had hours of audio to listen to on my commute. Then..... I caught up. Then.... I had to wait for each chapter to come out each week.

I broke.

I went to my kindle and got the free version and dug in.

Each year, I make a point to really tackle a classic. This year is Bronte, this sisters. And I, admittedly grudgingly, set in to listening to Jane Eyre. I am amazed at how much I loved this story. It's a classic, to be sure, but it's incredibly modern in the characterization of Jane. I adored her and how independence and outspokeness. That must have been quite the stir back in the day....

Basic plot line below, spoilers!

Jane's parents die while she is very young and she is sent to listen with an aunt and uncle. The uncle passes away as well and the aunt, and cousins, want nothing to do with Jane. She is sent to a school for poor orphans, basically, and being Jane, does very well. She moves from there to Thornfield to be a governess for a Mr. Rochester's young not-really-his girl.

Love ensues but whoops, there's a lunatic in the attic....Jane moves on to Morton.

Good fortune finally arrives at Jane's doorstep but she never forgot her love, Mr. Rochester. She heads back to Thornfield only to find ruins, in more than one place.

Ah, what a delicious story. Jane is a wonderful character and, for the time period, incredibly original and strong willed. I'm very happy I read this one.
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