Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buried Prey by John Sandford

I. Love. Lucas. Davenport.

Buried Prey is the 21st Davenport book and it took a different turn than the others. We start off with the recovery of 2 somewhat old corpses of little girls. Marcy Sherrill is the head cop in charge but it turns out this case was Davenport's way back in the day, when he was a patrolman.

When Davenport "remembers" the case, we get a large portion of the book being set back in the Davenport early years. It was a nice touch to see how Lucas started and to see he was kind of a douchebag (he still IS a little but we like him more). Pre-money, pre-stable relationship, pre-detective.

The book does come into the present day to track the killer. There are some very "all-choked-up" moments in this book which really made it an excellent addition to the Davenport series.
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