Saturday, March 5, 2011

Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell

As an audiobook, I enjoyed this much more than her other books (as of late). The annoying characters (Marino, Lucy and Benton) didn't seem quite as annoying. Although I still don't care for any of them.

Scarpetta is working in Dover, fulfilling her obligation for accepting a military scholarship for college. Scarpetta is called back to the CFC when Lucy and Marino fly in to get her because a body in her morgue has suddenly started bleeding. What starts as something innocuous and simple turns into a drama-filled mess with Jack Fielding, her deputy in chief, the FBI and the government.

The book is fairly fast paced and only spans a day or 2 in Scarpetta's life. Although I have been disappointed in the last few Scarpetta novels, this one cheers me and makes me hope we're back on the right path.
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