Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Bit Wicked by Kristin Chenoweth

I first found out about Kristin from Pushing Daisies. When I started looking around, I realized she was in Wicked, one of my favorite musicals (and book!). If you read her book you really should consider listening to the audio version. Kristin reads it and she has such a distinctive voice that it's really a pleasure to listen to. That, along with her giggles and snorts as she tells stories. That as well plus the guest appearances by her best friend Denny and her on again off again beau Aaron Sorkin. Great little book to listen to!

Kristin details how she got to where she's at. Adopted and living in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Kristin pursued her Masters in Opera and went through the pageant circuit to win money to finish her degree. Smart girl.

Moving to New York with Denny, she didn't get overnight success but she did make people stand up and notice her with her talent. She describes the various performances and struggles and how she made it through everything.

Remember, listen to the audio version! It's worth it!
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