Friday, March 28, 2008

Seven Days to Sex Appeal - Eva Margolies & Stan Jones

What a different read after No Country for Old Men. I received this book from the Early Reviewers group at LibraryThing. Even though I won't read Cosmo or Glamour or any of those magazines, I thought it would be fun to give this a shot. Just to see if the advice given to women was ... better.

First, the pages alternate different graphic and/or animals prints and makes it very difficult to read. Second, while I do know some women who would love this book and take it to heart, it just isn't me. The book says that men like women who take up little space, are delicate and appear vulnerable. It goes on to describe different techniques to achieve all of those things, including how to sit, how to "self-caress", how to appear to need the man's help. Let's not forget pursing your lips, batting your eyelashes, how to stand with your pelvis out and how to do the runway and parade walks.

As I was reading this, I quizzed a few guy friends on these techniques and their responses. It ranged from "Oh yeah, that would be hot" to "I think that would scare me away" to "I just want a woman who isn't crazy, ok?"

Interesting results.

The only part of the book that I found helpful is the end, about sex appeal at work. It did give some good advice on how to "act" at work to get the attention you want. Which, honestly, as a woman in a male-dominated career, I can use.

Feminism will be fully embraced when all women can dress, act, talk, and just be how they want without ridicule or criticism from anyone, especially from other women. We really are our own worst judges. I know women who love the hunt for men, they love the chase, they love dating. This book would be great for them. For me, however, it's just not right. I don't hunt, chase or love the thrill of dating 10 guys at once.

So kudos to those gals, go get this book (you can take my copy). I'll be the chick in the corner reading Bukowski and probably sending all the wrong kinds of signals.
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