Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

I've long quit buying the Stephanie Plum series since they all seemed to be the same. Sure, they were funny, even had some laugh out loud moments, but it was always deja vu. I finally got number 15 from the library and I'm very pleasantly surprised! Fifteen was actually good. Yeah it was very similar to the others but there were some nice new plot lines.

Stephanie and Morelli had a fight and broke up. Ranger requests Stephanie's help in finding out who is breaking into his security accounts and making his company look bad. I'm confused why he chose Stephanie since she still sucks as a bounty hunter but it does get Stephanie back into Ranger's bed.

Lula witnesses a murder by decapitation and ends up being shot at and almost blown up by the killers. Turns out famous chef Stanley Chipotle is the headless victim. He was in town for the big BBQ cookoff and got on someone's bad side. Lula, Grandma, Stephanie and Connie end up entering the contest to try and find the killers.

The same basic formula but this one had something extra, with a lot more laughs.
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