Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill

I've been super scattered on reading actual books lately, so I've switched to audio books to keep me going while driving around and while knitting. This was on my list of books to read and since the library had it, I gave it a go.

This is a memoir type book about a man, who was born to privilege and lived a life of privilege. His parents had money, but not always time. He went to an Ivy League school and got a great job right out of college. Gill was a top executive for a long time, enjoying all the perks that went along with it. Until he was fired.

At age 64, virtually penniless, friendless and having lost his wife and children (sleeping around on your wife will do that), he desperately took a job at a Starbucks.

From there we begin his new adventure of redeeming himself. This may sound sarcastic or even sappy, but in fact, this is a really good story. Despite all his dumb mistakes and assumptions that he, as a rich white male, deserves more than others, he seems to really "get it" while working to serve others.

A good, uplifting memoir.
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